What we can offer

Our Approach

Delivering coherent projects across such a broad range of skillsets is challenging and Modeva prides itself on delivering these in a controlled manner with the following approach:


Concept Development

Work with Modeva to refine your ideas and prepare them for the development cycle


Market Research

Modeva's 'Performance Driven Marketing Framework' (PDMF) delivers market focused product requirements and media planning


Strategic Planning

Outputs from the research phase and PDMF delivers a strategic market entry plan – ensuring your product is targeted correctly


Requirement Gathering

Your Project Manager will ensure that all requirements are catered for and that the experience of Modeva is captured in every development


Execution of Marketing

Modeva’s experienced Online Marketing Team and in-house Offline Production Team will execute the agreed media plans


Testing and Launch

Our testing team will ensure a high quality deliverable prior to market launch


Solution Implementation

Once design is completed our Software Development team will implement your bespoke solution


Product Prototyping

We will guide you through your product prototypes from paper based to full on-screen e-prototypes ensuring our development team delivers exactly what’s required