Payzone Case Study

PayZone Payzone is a leading operator of payment processing and EPOS solutions working with over 175,000 retailers across 21 countries. Since 2001 Modeva has provided Network services to Payzone Companies within the Irish market.


  • Create a high capacity resilient solution to route inbound calls from electronic payment terminals throughout Ireland.
  • Retail outlets must not incur any cost in relation to the operation of the terminal.
  • All calls must be routed, especially during seasonal peak shopping times.
  • Rapid network response times are needed to minimise terminal transaction times for consumers.


  • Using the Modeva Next Generation Network special direct routing numbers were created allowing terminals to access the Modeva Network without the retail outlet incurring any cost.
  • Modeva routes calls onward to the Payzone platform directly or via an IP gateway.
  • Rapid network response times are guaranteed as the whole call is carried over our carrier-grade fibre network using SS-7 signaling.


  • The solution remains in place since 2001 with Modeva carrying mission critical point of sale terminal traffic across its network.
  • The Speed and Reliability of the solution has been proven year after year.
  • Modeva has adapted the solution to changes in technology over the years without interruption.